Raised in a family of professionals and entrepreneurs, Ron’s passion for assisting family businesses comes naturally to him. He has spent decades honing his instincts and his intellect, both of which are considerable. We think of him as a walking encyclopedia, but with way more charisma. His love for knowledge? It’s like his superpower; he’s all about diving into ancient history and jet-setting around the globe, soaking up cultures (and languages) like a sponge. And get this, he’s the ultimate “Amazing Race” buddy. I mean, who wouldn’t want him on their team? But here’s the kicker: Ron’s not just a brainiac. He’s equally comfortable in the board room or on the shop floor. The consummate advisor, Ron is at his clients’ disposal to help them think through the stickiest of issues faced by private and public businesses alike. He’s all about the nitty-gritty details, mapping out the road ahead for his clients with precision and finesse. Whether it’s smoothing out snags in M&A deals or untangling tax reorganizations, Ron’s got it covered. Oh, and did we mention his passion for legal tech and sustainable business practices? Yeah, he’s all over that, too. He’s an automation acolyte, making sure our firm and its clients stay ahead of the game. Whether he’s deciphering regulations or leading a team to victory in closing a deal, Ron’s always got his eye on the prize. He’s not just in it for the destination; he’s all about the journey.


  • Private mergers and acquisitions
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Corporate finance
  • Corporate/commercial

Representative Deals

  • Acquisition of Canadian manufacturer in battery industry. Counsel to Canadian sellers for sale of shares without external financing.
  • Acquisition of Canadian heavy crane leasing corporations. Counsel to purchaser.
  • Refinancing of multinational company in food services industry.  Counsel to Australian private equity fund in connection with Canadian side legal due diligence and refinancing.
  • Acquisition of Canadian specialized metal fabricator and manufacturer. Counsel to Canadian sellers for sale of shares, which included external financing.
  • Acquisition of Canadian specialized micro-electromechanical systems manufacturer. Counsel to Korean private equity fund in share purchase, which included external financing.
  • Corporate Reorganization of large equipment manufacturer involving multiple Canadian and multinational subsidiaries.


  • B.B.A. (Hons.), York University (2001)
  • Exchange Student, Tilburg University, The Netherlands (2000)
  • LL.B., University of Ottawa (2006)
  • Exchange Student, Lund University, Sweden (2006)
  • Call to Bar: 2007 (Ontario), 2009 (New York)



Amanda Garcia
416.364.6211 Ext. 256

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