Christine McLeod

Family Law Clerk

Christine is our family law clerk. How do we describe what she does for us and our clients? She is hard-working: having graduated with honours from the Law Clerk’s program, Christine worked full time while continuing her education, obtaining her B.A. (Psychology). She is a listener: her psychology degree helps her to cope with us (we’re not naming names) and to assist clients in navigating the emotional family law process. She is caring: Christine is dedicated to our clients. She knows, often better than us, what to say, and always has clients’ well-being at heart. She is experienced: after two decades (gulp!) in the business, she knows the ins and outs of the law. She is invaluable: Christine has assisted in countless trials and arbitrations and regularly assists lawyers with complex financial disclosure. She also regularly attends court and questioning to assist counsel, bringing her insight and perspective to every case. A multi-tasker with a tireless work ethic, she deftly balances work from a diverse group of lawyers, managing whatever is thrown at her with aplomb. When she manages to leave the office, she often heads directly to the yoga studio or the hockey rink or hits the road with her two sons, checking out Major League ball diamonds across North America.


  • Preparation of financial statements
  • Trial preparation
  • Document assembly and organization
  • Documentary disclosure
  • Witness preparation

Thoughtfulness Expertise

  • Understanding the work/life balancing act
  • Successfully keeping multiple balls in the air
  • Parenting communication and scheduling assistance
  • Listening without judgment
  • Positive and creative thinking


  • Diploma (Honours), Centennial College (1991)
  • B.A. (Psychology), York University (1998)
  • Associate Member, Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario
  • Certified Expert in Family Law, Institute of Law Clerks of Ontario (2020)



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